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Cre Sea World

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Another summer themed location? Why not? I'm tired of Skyrim's cold winters anyway. Take your Dragonborn to Sea World where they can experience a very Japanese themed summer! There is LOTS to explore. Be sure to check every building and door!

Download: Cre Sea World 5-10-2019 (this mod is continuously updated, the date indicates which update it is)

Installation: Install the zip file with any mod manager. If you use mods like Gomapero World, Aethersuite, etc., you may notice that there might be conflicts. The only conflicts there are are small clutter objects. Feel free to say yes when replacing all. How to Get There: There will be a custom map marker near Helgen called "Sea World". It will be discovered default. Fast travel there and then walk towards the Sea World sign.

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Increible, me pregunto como haces estos mapas

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