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Happy New Years! Welcome to 2022!

Updated: Mar 9

Hey guys I wanted to make this post to show my enthusiasm for the conclusion of 2021! It was a really good year with many ups and new things we've tried. I wanted to share milestones that we achieved as a community! For me, family and community are super important when it comes to sharing a hobby and in this case, it's Skyrim/gaming!

Some of the milestones achieved for 2021:

1. Getting a V-Tuber model to make my YouTube videos more interesting. I want to thank Dayshiart for providing it for me!

2. Fully fleshing out my website and Patreon! After I decided to leave Nexus and Lovers Lab I was very doubtful about my state of modding. Without the attention, it's difficult to have your mods well known for people to enjoy. This has been the core of my modding philosophy. I have YOU guys to thank for that! My website gets around 30,000 visits per month and Patreon grew despite me not really offering many rewards. So really guys, thank you. The Patreon helps me buy cool armors to port, mod storage for MediaFire and Google Drive so that users all over the world have different options for download, the fees to maintain my website and keep my domain. We built the community together. As some of you may know, I no longer have a job as a transitioned into becoming a full time student. The Patreon goes back to the community so that we may enjoy more mods to the next year to come!

3. Getting monetized on YouTube. One of the biggest achievements this year was making YouTube more of a priority compared to the past. I now have 53 videos uploaded and even though I earn very little it's nice seeing a tiny reward. For 2022 I want to expand on that to provide more tutorials, more mod reviews, more outfits reviews, and just more fun content for people to watch! One of the biggest questions for me is, "Why aren't you streaming?". There are various reasons but the biggest one is that I'm camera shy. I'm afraid that I may be boring or not be talkative. BUT that doesn't mean I won't stream. That's actually a goal for 2022. It definitely will happen.

4. Increased community support! As mentioned earlier, the activity on my website and Patreon has increased. When I first left my job and focused on school, I kinda though that might end my modding career with so many unknowns regarding the new commitments. However, seeing the love and support from the community REALLY enabled me to try my hardest to balance everything. I love being here and I love interacting with everyone. I read everything. EVERYTHING. All the messages, all the comments, all the feedback. I know sometimes I forget to reply but that's not on purpose, I genuinely forget! I may read a message with the intent to reply later but I end up forgetting. To me, modding is always about the community. It's fun, I learn new things, people are happy, and in turn it makes me happy. I want to mod for as long as I can and I hope that I'll be around for the Elder Scrolls 6.

With that, I'll the end the post here! Once again, thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement because it really does help a lot. I hope everyone has a safer and better New Year. I mean that with the utmost sincerity! I want users to continue to interact with me and continue to enjoy my mods because otherwise, the effort wouldn't be worth it if not everyone can do so. So guys, what new things do you want to see from me in 2022?


Christine "Sun"

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