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This page will define the permissions for most mod posted on this site. This mod page should make it more convenient for other mod authors to quickly get an idea of what mods are acceptable to re-distribute and under what conditions. As it is not possible to encompass ALL mods posted on this website, many will still be on a case by case basis. When in doubt, message me on either Discord (fastest) or submit an inquiry in the Contact page.


This section will talk about the usage of mods in other artistic mediums; such as videos, screenshots, and other video games.

1. You MAY NOT use [Christine] outfits in paywalled content such as selling screenshots or selling videos.

2. You MAY use [Christine] outfits for Fallout 4 if the following conditions are met:

     i. It is not paywalled in any form (see Guideline #1)

     ii. You obtain the interactive/distribution license and show me evidence

     iii. You credit me as the author for the Skyrim version

3. With the current climate in the Sims and FF14 modding scene, none of these outfits on this website can be ported over to those games. The paywalling is too rampant for me to feel comfortable enough.

3. If the content is being used with YouTube/Twitch/Vimeo or any other video hosting ad based monetization then the only requirement is if you can please credit and link to the mod's page in the form of a description or pinned comment.

     i. While I recommend doing this, I will not enforce it. I will not strike down videos  but I think you'll be pretty scummy if you benefit from content without crediting.

General Guidelines/Rules for Usage

1. No paywalling of any kind.

a. No timed releases of any length

b. No limitations of textures

c. No limitations of slutty/damaged versions

d. No limitations of sliders like boob press, thigh press, or other custom sliders

e. No "beta" or "alpha" access limitations

2. No posting on NexusMods

a. With the new policies on mods, I no longer feel comfortable having my mods published on Nexus mods under any circumstances. Any mods that were published before will remain safe from these new guidelines. Future permissions will be an automatic no for Nexus mods.

b. EXCEPTION: The only exception to this rule is if the mod I have on my website originally came from Nexus from an author with open permissions that allowed posting externally. Mods that originally came from Nexus will not be restricted by me.

3. No posting on LoversLab

a. EXCEPTION: The only exception to this rule is if the mod I have on my website originally came from an author at LoversLab with open permissions that allowed posting externally. Mods that originally came from LoversLab will not be restricted by me.

4. NONE of these mods are to be posted to work for other video game projects except for other Bethesda Studio games.

5. No conversions to COCO body.

6. Your conversions can be posted in the following:

a. Private website

i. No paywalling on any aspect of the website

ii. No monetized URLs (ie. AdFly links)

iii. On-site ads are OK

b. Twitter Account

c. Patreon

i. Please see guideline #1

d. Discord servers

i. No paywalling for access of the server

e. Any other medium please contact me

[Christine] Mods

[Christine] mods are original in the sense that they are new to Skyrim Special Edition. All of these mods were store bought assets from a variety of stores including ArtStation, DAZ, CGTrader, Renderosity, etc. As a result, many of these assets are copyrighted to their original creator and they often come with "interactive" licenses that permits me to redistribute mods and/or make money off them if I choose to paywall. The first hurdle for you as a mod author is to obtain the license for yourself. This will require money to the relevant site/artist. Once license is obtained, show me evidence and I will give you green light to use my specific conversion with the assets.

[NINI] Mods

Ninirim mods on this website comes in two ways and each has their own guidelines:

1. The Ninirim Museum Pack

a. Contents of the museum, its meshes, textures, custom assets, music, and ESP may not be redistributed in any medium.

b. Bodyslide files may be used.

2. Standalone Ninirim outfits

a. The Ninirim standalone outfits can be published in its entirety provided that they follow the General Guidelines above.

b. Be wary of the copyrights associated with some assets of Ninirim outfits which includes but is not limited to Bless Online, Dead or Alive (series), TERA Online, etc.

c. For the sake of ease, none of the Ninirim mods can be uploaded onto Nexus due to point B.

Other Forms of Content Distribution

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