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  • Who or what is "SunJeong"?
    The idea of the user name was a combination of my IRL nickname and I also wanted to some easy identifier familiar to people. There is a popular Korean actor that does comedic American movies by the name of "Ken Jeong". So I took that surname and combined it with my nickname to come up with the user name. NOTE: "Jeong" is not my real last name or anything
  • Who or what is "Christine"?
    When I came to America as an international student, we have the option of choosing a different more "Americanized" name. I decided to go with Christine. As some of you may have seen, some of my mods are labeled as [Christine]. These mods are original ports. Not original creations. Original ports are ports from assets that have not been done before for Skyrim. I'm using the [Christine] tag to better categorize and organize them for my own purpose.
  • Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Only Fans?
    This gets asked a lot. The answer is yes, I have Facebook and yes I have Instagram. But out of an abundance of privacy, will not share those details with anyone. I do not have an Only Fans account. Update 2/26/2023 I now have an inactive OnlyFans account just to claim the "SunJeong" username. I do not have plans to upload content there.
  • Can you or do you create original work?
    That depends on the content. The overall answer when it comes to outfit mods is no. I DO NOT and NEVER claimed to ever create outfit mods from scratch. If you've heard otherwise, that was probably some misinformation or misunderstanding. Most of the mods creations are made by assets that are paid for with licensing or free to use assets from gaming companies. If you are thinking about messaging me with an idea or design on paper for me to create, then I'm sorry because I am not the right person. What I can create are things like new textures or colors or designs if there is an existing UV for it. I can also create my own voice lines as seen in the Paimon follower mod. I can create my own Bodyslide files and ESP. I can create my own animations and poses.
  • Do you paywall your work / solicit monetary gain?
    Absolutely not. I will never paywall any of my content, even the content where I have licensing rights to earn money from. Any information otherwise is a complete lie and I am willing to show full PayPal and bank account receipts to demonstrate that. I also do not actively accept commission money. If a user requests a favor or a unique modding opportunity, I will most likely accept the request and deny the money. However, if the user wants to donate it as a thank you then they are free to do so. Money will never be a barrier for users in my own philosophy. Mod users come from all walks of life and from different countries with different purchasing power. Some are poor, some are rich, but at the end of the day we all love and want to enjoy Skyrim. Update February 26, 2023: I am now actively accepting paid commission requests. Please see this post for explanation.
  • What about Patreon? Aren't you making money from it?
    When you look at Patreon you need to consider the intent. Is the artist actively soliciting or basing their work off the money gained or lost? Is the work entirely donation based? My Patreon is entirely donation based with no strings attached. My mods will continue to be pumped out if I'm making $0 or $100,000. There is no early access, no timed releases, no mesh restrictions, no texture restrictions, and of course no tier restriction. Think of it as a non-profit: where donations can help me acquire licenses and assets that is later given to all users for free, indiscriminate of who they are. It has also helped me pay for: This website hosting This website domain 3 storage/download options for my mods Software needed for modding Video software needed for YouTube videos Buying outfits and licensing Any extra money has been put into a high yield savings account, so thank you guys.
  • Can I have permission to use X mod?
    If you have questions about using a specific mod, please refer to the Permissions page that explains some of the usage rights. If you still have questions, then please submit an inquiry in the Contact Form.
  • Can your mods be used for Skyrim Legendary Edition (LE)?
    No. My mods were not designed or are compatible with Skyrim LE. As I don't have LE, I don't plan on supporting LE for any of my mods.
  • Can your mods be used for Skyrim Anniversary Edition (AE)?
    Yes. All my mods support the Anniversary Edition without any issues. If the outfit has HDT-SMP physics, ensure that you have the correct version of the HDT framework installed for your game.
  • What bodies do your outfits support?
    As of 2021 and beyond, all my mods are supporting the following bodies: CBBE by Caliente and Ousnius CBBE 3BAv2 by Acro748 BHUNPv3 by Baka and Haeun Mods of mine that do not support 3BAv2 or BHUNPv3 are outdated and need updating. I do not have plans to support any other body at this time.
  • How do I install one of your mods?
    First, go to any mod page and download the mod. The download is either represented by the Google Drive, MediaFire, or MEGA button, or in some cases simply just say "Download". Once the file is downloaded, it will be in the form of a zip extension known as "7z". Leave the zip intact, do not unpack it. Using the mod manager of your choice, manually install the zip. Many mod managers have a button that allows you to choose mods located in your hard drive. In some instances, follow the FOMOD installer to complete installation.
  • Do your mods work for Xbox / Playstation?
    No. XBox - I do not own this console or know how to publish mods for it. In addition, a lot of my content contains the "naked" body underneath clothes which goes against the Xbox Modding ToS. PlayStation - The exterior asset limitations on Playstation make all of my mods ineligible for porting.
  • When I equip the bottoms, it doesn't appear! OR When I have the bottom equipped and put on the top, it disappears! Why?
    As some may think, this is not an inherent equip slot issue. Most of the tops in my mod use the slot 32, which is designated in the engine to be used for the main body. When the bottoms use slot 52 (pelvis secondary) this causes a conflict IF you are using the following mods: - Schlongs of Skyrim (SoS) - Devious Devices (DD) Schlongs of Skyrim reserves slot 52 for the penis. This causes issues with "invisible" clothing as it thinks you're trying to equip a penis, even on female characters. To fix this, have the armor in your inventory. Then open the MCM menu for Schlongs of Skyrim and lastly clean schlongified armors. For Devious Devices, just uninstall you degenerate.
  • Why do many of your mods have "conflicts" generated by my mod manager!?
    Many of my mods reuse the same textures for cubemaps. This is not a crucial conflict that will negatively affect any mod. You can either ignore the conflict or let any of the mods take priority, it's the same file.
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