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SunJeong - VTuber


CBBE 3BAv2 - 100 Weight


SunJeong - VTuber

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The SunJeong V-Tuber Race is a commissioned custom race created by Beofuled. The original design was crafted by both SunJeong and artist Dayshiart on Twitter. This is supposed to be a 3D representation of the 2D V-Tuber avatar that I use frequently for YouTube videos and promotional images. This V-Tuber represents my online persona that has been formulated from being in the Skyrim community for several years; especially cultivated and inspired by the designs of Hololive + Skyrim armors. The blonde hair is an ode to my days when I used to actually have blonde hair. This preset is currently used to represent outfit showcases using CBBE 3BAv2 100 weight.


Race: Sun V-Tuber Race (Custom)

Body Type: CBBE 3BA (3BBB)

Body Preset: SunChristine's 7BO for CBBE

Weight: 100 / 1.0

Framework: RaceMenu

Skin Texture: Customized Demoniac for SunJeong V-tuber Race

Make-Up: None

Hair: zzzz12.0_YunMix_11_Yuna_OB25 Tiara_2 from Tullius Hair Pack 2.0 v12.3

Face Preset: There is no face preset, only a private race

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