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하영 (Hayeong)


BHUNPv2 - 100 Weight


하영 (Hayeong)

SkyrimSE 2022-01-16 17-11-32_edited.jpg
SkyrimSE 2022-05-18 20-06-36.jpg


Hayeong is based off of a "maid" preset created by "6974892" in ArcaLive. The preset was used as a base and I further sculpted the features to my liking. This preset has no specific backstory but very often she served as my main playthrough character as well as the character was used to show case BHUNP armors. Her face preset was originally ECE and unfortunately, my configuration for ECE was lost while editing my modlist, thus making the preset no longer recognizable. And so this character is retired.


Race: Nord

Body Type: BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE

Body Preset: SunJeong Body Preset BHUNP #1

Weight: 100 / 1.0

Framework: Enhanced Character Edit SE

Skin Texture: Pure Suka for BHUNPwith applied armpit fix on normals

Make-Up: None

Hair: zzzz11.0_KS_SMP_90_Paraguay from Tullius Hair Pack 2.0 v12.3

Face Preset: Base Sculpt, SunJeong's edited version no longer available

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