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ECE Test Preset


CBBE 3BAv2 - 100 Weight


ECE Test Preset

SkyrimSE 2022-01-16 17-11-32_edited.jpg
SkyrimSE 2022-05-18 20-06-36.jpg


This preset was formerly retired when used to showcase BHUNPv2 outfit. After re-setting up Enhanced Character Edit, this preset was re-made with the CBBE 3BAv2 body and brought back to showcase some outfits.


Race: Nord

Body Type: CBBE 3BA (3BBB)

Body Preset: SunChristine's 7BO for CBBE

Weight: 100 / 1.0

Framework: Enhanced Character Edit SE

Skin Texture: Pure Suka for CBBEwith applied armpit fix on normals

Make-Up: None

Hair: zzzz11.0_KS_SMP_90_Paraguay from Tullius Hair Pack 2.0 v12.3

Face Preset: Base Sculpt, SunJeong's edited version is currently private

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