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BHUNPv3 - 100 Weight



SkyrimSE 2022-08-14 01-37-37_edited.jpg
SkyrimSE 2022-08-21 13-04-50_edited.jpg
SkyrimSE 2022-09-02 22-20-35_edited.jpg


Tomie currently does not have any backstory. She was quickly created as a replacement for my previous BHUNP character Hayeong. During the transition to RaceMenu, the base "Tomie" preset was originally created by VVOVO in ArcaLive Tullius Channel. Unfortunately, the base preset is no longer available. Currently, she showcases the most recent outfits representing the BHUNPv3 body type at 100 weight. As of 2023, Tomie has now been retired due to issues with Enhanced Character Edit.


Race: Nord (Vanilla)

Body Type: BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE

Body Preset: SunJeong Body Preset BHUNP #1

Weight: 100 / 1.0

Framework: RaceMenu

Skin Texture: Demoniac for UNP with FSC options, armpit fix applied to normal map

Make-Up: TBD

Hair: zzzz11.0_RosettaB from Tullius Hair Pack 2.0 v12.3

Face Preset: MediaFire

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