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SunJeong - Real


CBBE 3BAv2 - 0 Weight


SunJeong - Real

SkyrimSE 2022-08-19 17-51-30_edited.jpg
SkyrimSE 2021-12-20 22-51-21_edited.jpg


The SunJeong Real face preset is a proof of concept for the upcoming SunJeong follower-mod. The face preset was custom sculpted by Schnozymandias using photo references provided to create both sculpt and diffuse map. The preset was done using the Breton race. The weight of the body will be 0 to keep the immersion. As a follower, SunJeong (who will be named SunChristine in-game) will focus on restoration magicka and 1-H sword techniques. She will be able to offer the player skills in Blacksmithing as an ode to the outfit creation.


Race: Breton (Custom High Poly Head with custom photo sculpt)

Body Type: CBBE 3BA (3BBB)

Body Preset: SunChristine's 7BO for CBBE

Weight: 0 / 0.0

Framework: RaceMenu

Skin Texture: Customized Demoniac

Make-Up: None

Hair: zzzz11.0_KSMix_129_Lilio_1 from Tullius Hair Pack 2.0 v12.3

Face Preset: Private

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