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SunJeong Preset #1


CBBE - 100 Weight


SunJeong Preset #1

SkyrimSE 2019-08-07 06-20-41-86.png


The preset that pretty much started it all. I used this preset since 2019 and she was used for both gameplay and majority of my modding screenshots. I forgot the origins of this preset but all I remember is that I used a base sculpt from Nexus. This was my first publicly available preset on this website.


Race: Nord

Body Type: Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-

Body Preset: SunJeong CBBE #1

Weight: 100 / 1.0

Framework: Enhanced Character Edit SE

Skin Texture: Customized ThePure/Demoniac combo  (see below for download under face preset)

Make-Up: Custom (see below for download under face preset)

Hair: Tiantian (Yundao Hair with physics SSE)

Face Preset: SunJeong Face Preset #1

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