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BHUNP and You. Moving Forward.

Hey everyone!

Last week I set up a poll both on my website and on Twitter about user preference regarding the different BHUNP versions floating around.

To quickly summarize, BHUNP went through several drastic iterations. The most polarizing being the following:


BHUNPv3 (ver 3.17) --> Removed some full body sliders

BHUNPv3 (ver 3.20) --> Removed even more full body sliders

BHUNPv4 (ver 3.30) --> Added new arm sliders

As a result from these changes, some of the current outfits becomes obsolete depending on your preset and depending on how quickly you adapted to the changes.

For example, if you are using BHUNP version 3.17 and an author made a mod for ver 3.30, your preset won't potentially work if you used one of the full body sliders.

Another example, if you have a preset that was created off of version 3.20 and an author made a mod for ver 3.30, you will be fine.

In contrast, if you are on version 3.30 but you see a BHUNP mod that uses ver 3.17, then your arm sliders won't work but the rest should be fine in theory.

Anyway, the majority of users voted for me to move forward with BHUNPv4 (ver 3.30).

Here are my plans for transition:

  1. Complete current projects FIRST using BHUNP version 3.17. The biggest obstacle right now is the completion of the Ninirim Pack in its entirety.

  2. Until Ninirim pack is done, any side projects I do will still use BHUNP version 3.17.

  3. Once all projects are completed, I will update and move forward with BHUNPv4 (ver 3.30+)

  4. Older original mods that are still on the old version of BHUNP may be updated to version 3.30 as side projects.

Here are some questions and answers you might have:

Q: Why aren't you updating to ver 3.30 now?

A: The reason is because I don't want to have multiple installations of BHUNP and I also don't want to have a mix of versions within my mods. The current Ninirim Pack (which has 128 outfits) was already started using ver 3.17. It would not make sense to update and have half the outfit use ver 3.30.

Q: Are you going to update the Ninirim Pack to BHUNPv4 (ver 3.30) in the future?

A: Absolutely not. Once this pack is completed, the Ninirim Pack will no longer be updated indefinitely. This will actually be the last time I touch the pack most likely.

Q: Can you support both version 3.17 and 3.30?

A: Absolutely not. BHUNP is already a hassle to convert. Adding double the bodies will make no sense for me.

Q: Are you going to update your older outfits to version 3.30?

A: Yes I will but not actively. I will especially prioritize the [Christine] series but usually only if it's requested. My current priority is for new content and not recycle content (unless there are major issues). But overall, the answer is yes, I will go bakc from time to time to update to version 3.30.

Q: Are you going to update TAWOBA to version 3.30?

A: Nope. That was the last time I touch TAWOBA.

Q: Can we request outfits to be updated to version 3.30+?

A: Yes. If it's my own outfit, just make a post in Comissions and Requests. If you want to request a different mod then follow the instructions in Commissions and Requests. Keep in mind that I recently started charging for outside requests.

Q: If there is a BHUNP mod (that's not SunJeong's) that's on version 3.30+, can I make a request to downgrade to version 3.17?

A: No. I agree with Baka's decision about moving BHUNP forward and follow his vision for the longevity of the body. As a result, I no longer want to maintain or encourage version 3.17. In addition, I also explained in a previous Q&A that I don't want to have separate installations of BHUNP within my workflow.


Anyway guys, this is it for this topic. If you have any other questions or comments please let me know below!

And thank you for participating in the survey, this is the exact kind of participation I need to help me move forward with community needs and wants.

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