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Blade & Soul Yukata - CBBE - 3BAv2


Update February 20, 2023:

- Added 4K upscaled textures!

- Added the matching sandals for yukata

Credit: NCSoft for assets. Credit to wait#0XXX for providing the upscaled textures and additional sandals.

A simple mod. This is just a cuirass with slutty version. Balanced to hide armor. It has optional SMP physics by SunJeong. No BHUNP support.


Choose One Body: CBBE

BodySlide: Please build the outfit under the name "Blade N Soul Yukata".

Obtain: Craft in smithing bench with leather and leather strips. Or use AddItemMenu2.

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Hello, nice to meet you all, I wanted to ask a question, I downloaded this mod in my list of addons to use but after many attempts I have not been able to get the suit even with the inventory mods, the last one I used. . . . . . . It was Skyrim Cheat Engine. The [NINI] Bless EC 0004 works perfectly for me unlike the other one. Based on this I wanted to know if anyone has the answer to what I'm doing wrong, maybe some incorrect loading order or something like that, the truth is that quite a few hours have passed and nothing. (Sorry for the bad English. Thanks for reading :D)


Could you please share the preset


King Rooper
King Rooper
Jul 18, 2023

Pretty much the main dress my Yuel uses now. You are awesome!


Hey Sun, can you tell me what idle animation that is that you're using in that short video?


Sun Rider
Sun Rider
Feb 21, 2023
someone loves pink nail polish 😁😁 AND she didn't forget the foot lovers LOL

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