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[Christine] DeNile

Updated: Feb 12

Download (please read full mod page):

Update November 11, 2022:

- Added "SOS_REVEALING" keyword to ESP for the main dress. Prevents invisible cloth.

- Further refined 3BA slider edits. Made changes to most breast sliders to play better. Upper and lowers were edited.


Moonscape Graphics, PoisenedLily, and Sade for the original armor assets. Purchased with licensing by SunJeong. In light of accusations, picture of licensing and asset procurement can be found here. Credit to BadHombreReyes for designing the book! Credit to DatDarkOne for helping to decimate the objects. Credit to Nymm and Endymion1974 for testing. Description: Egyptian-inspired outfit with accessories, complete with four looks out of the box! All outfit parts are categorized as clothing with appropriate keywords.


1. 6 different textures

2. 5 different outfit parts for modularity

3. Custom transparent versions

4. Crafting recipes with crafting book found inside Abandoned Prison


Requirements: Bodyslide and Outfit Studio XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition


Choose One Body: CBBE


BodySlide: Please build the outfits under the name "[Christine] DeNile".

Obtain: You need to get the book first located somewhere in Abandoned Prison. Then you need to craft it in smithing forge. Requires gold/silver ingots and tundra cottons.

Known Issues:

1. This outfit is extremely high poly. The entire outfit was originally 300K poly. The main outfit was reduced to 120K total poly. Those that use the SMP version may notice a performance impact. Further reducing the poly will make the outfit's triangulation looks extremely ugly. So I reduced it to the max possible limit "NIF" files are able to handle.

3. Due to the high poly, every single face/vertex will collide with collision objects. This will make the outfit appear more "squareish" in some points when it moves. (this is also why performance is reduced)

4. Since this outfit's SMP shape is unique and long, it is NOT recommend to perform complex actions with this outfit. The outfit can clip into the character (this can be fixing by equipping it again). Walking and most running animations are okay. Attacks are ok. Complex acrobats or poses may cause issues.

5. This outfit was made with CBBE shape in mind. The BHUNP may have issues with the bra part disconnecting with the lower part. I edited every single breast related slider to reduce this. But at the end of the day, there may still be problems for BHUNP users.

6. As always, slider values that are above 100 or below 0 cannot be supported. Yes, it will work for most people. However, mod authors physically cannot correctly edit a slider at 150% (for example). As such, if you notice clipping on the outfit and your sliders are beyond recommended use values, then that's most likely the issue and I cannot fix it.

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