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[Christine] Knight Girl


Credit: Grumpy-tris for the original assets. Purchased with licensing by DatDarkOne. SunJeong for conversion.

A lore friendly light armor suitable for mages and vampires! Comes with a custom staff that has fireball, lighting chain, and frost variants. This armor is modular and comes with "alternative" designs! All armors support HDT-SMP only for the cuirass and loin cloth. Armors are crafted with Glass and Moonstone materials that require the Arcane Smithing perk. This armor supports the normal CBBE physics by Ousnius, CBBE 3BAv2 by Acro, and BHUNP by bakafactory. Please choose your options in the fomod installer.


Choose One Body: CBBE

BodySlide: Please build the outfits under the name [Christine] Knight Girl.

Obtain: Construct in smithing forge using Glass perk and items. Arcane Smithing is also required. Be prepared to use Malachite and Moonstone ingredients. Or use AddItemMenu2.

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