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[Christine] Venom Blade Maiden

Updated: Jun 29, 2023


Update June 29, 2023:

- Fixed issue with BHUNP upper slutty being invisible. It was an issue with missing skinning. Other bodies not affected and don't need to update.

Credit: Val3Dart for the original armor. SunJeong for conversion and buying armors with license.

Modular outfit balanced for gameplay. Male and female supported! Comes with custom dagger. Armor is balanced to the scaled armor. Slutty versions and 1 extra recolor. Comes with HDT-SMP on the skirt! NOTE: This is an update of my 2020 release! Supports vanilla males, SOS males, CBBE, 3BAv2, and BHUNPv3.


Choose One Body: CBBE

BodySlide: Please build the outfit under the name "[Christine] Venom Blade Maiden".

Obtain: Craft in smithing bench with corundum ingots, leather, and leather strips. Requires Advanced Armors perk. Or use AddItemMenu2.

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