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Fantasia Outfit


Credit: sarsa for the original assets. Conversion by SunJeong.

A lore friendly but sexy light armor with Elven stats. Comes with a slutty version created by SunJeong. Extra re-textures also created by SunJeong. Outfit is modular! Comes with optional HDT-SMP for CBBE users and mandatory HDT-SMP for everyone else.

This armor supports the normal CBBE physics by Ousnius, CBBE 3BAv2 by Acro, and BHUNP by bakafactory. Please choose your options in the fomod installer.


Choose One Body: CBBE

BodySlide: Please build the outfits under the name Fantasia.

Obtain: Construct in smithing forge with leathers and moonstone ingots. Elven smithing perks required. Or use AddItemMenu2.

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