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HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR 2022! Year of the Tiger!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Hey everyone! Happy Lunar New Year! In Asia, most of us also celebrate new years based on the lunar calendar which counts years in accordance to lunar cycles instead of the traditional Gregorian solar cycles.

With Lunar New Year as well, many of us also acknowledge and celebrate the traditional Chinese 12 Zodiacs based off of animals that won the race!

For a brief story time, the story goes that a Chinese Jade Emperor (Emperor of heaven and earth) organized a race for different animals to compete. They competed for a spot in the seasons (AKA representation of the new years).

As the art by BadHombreReyes implies, the tiger finished in third place and we are celebrating him! This means that every 3rd cycle of the 12 cycle of animals gets to be celebrated for that year. 2022 is the year of the tiger!

But enough story time!

Normally in South Korea the new year is celebrated for 3-5 days (if including weekends). Events are celebrated the day before New Year, the day of, and the day after; plus the weekend too to kick it off! Also many get these days off from work! Things which are done are visiting ancestors, talking to family or visting family, eating traditional food, and attending sites with traditional garments.

However, I'm in the US alone so unfortunately I won't be taking part in it (with the exception of having already called my parents!) BUT for the lunar new year I wanted to do my own spin on it with you guys to talk about some of the goals I want to achieve for this year!

Goals for 2022 1. Graduate and finish my masters program 2. Find a job after my masters 3. Reach 10,000 subscribers on YouTube 4. Make the ultimate [Christine] mod pack with a new location and goodies 5. Finished my custom voiced SunJeong follower mod 6. Update Ninirim pack to 7.0 with tons new outfits and locations 7. Start hosting regular streams on YouTube or Twitch

What other new things/goals should I try? I always love to hear feedback!

I hope you guys will stick around long enough to for me to hopefully achieve all these goals! Whether it's on Patreon, my website, YouTube, Discord, Twitter, etc. Modding has always been about community first so let's share these moments together! ♡ ♥️ ♡ ♥️ ♡ ♥️ ♡ ♥️ ♡ ♥️

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