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HDT-SMP and You

Hello everyone, coming to you with another lengthy blog post that requires user/community feedback! Recently, I've been thinking about how to better optimize and increase workflow speed. Immediately what came to my mind was HDT-SMP and how I offer non-HDT versions for most of my mods. I want to change that depending on community outlook. For example, if one of my mods has a skirt, I will make one version that's static (uses only the skeleton's bones) and another version that has SMP (uses external custom bones that I create in 3DS Max). Users can choose using Bodyslide if they want the static version or the HDT-SMP version.

Here's the problem though:

I want the quality of my outfits to be good. I dislike the idea of static outfits ever since I properly learned HDT-SMP and optimized the workflow heavily with the help of Rektoes. Static outfits do NOT look good in many cases look at the videos below of what I mean:


HDT-SMP Outfit

Do you see the difference? Difference is huge. HDT-SMP gives outfits LIFE.

When it comes to static outfits, I try my best to make it look good. This means that almost always, I have to manually weight paint each area with the best bone based on location and movement behavior that I need to estimate through experience and real life.

And you know the crazy part?

Manually weight painting, rebuilding outfits, testing it in-game and repeating until it's perfect is taking me MORE time than doing HDT-SMP and I was doing this for CBBE, 3BAv2, and BHUNP. Bones for HDT-SMP are universal for any body (excluding anything with a parent bone to the Breast01)

Now, the big question: Should I continue to support static versions of outfits?

Should I stop supporting static outfit in favor of HDT-SMP?

  • Yes, please support only HDT-SMP.

  • No, continue to make static and SMP

Let's break down the pros and cons.


  1. It's faster to make for me

  2. It makes an outfit more dynamic and alive

  3. Removing static versions will save file space (insignificant)


  1. Outfits that have HDT-SMP will now have a hard requirement for the FSMP mod

  2. HDT-SMP may have possible performance issues*. The game will have to calculate movement and collision based on polygons and # of dynamic bones. For users with weak systems, this may cause FPS loss. For users that care about maintaining perfect 60fps at all times, this may be an issue.

*NOTE: With the existence of Faster SMP, many of these issues should be mitigated. Performance issues with SMP is also fault of the mod author. If an author adds 420 bones to an outfit that has 69 million poly, then you'll have performance issues. In most cases, I'm very conscience about working with as few bones as possible and making sure that the outfit I'm working with is at a reasonable poly count.

Please vote carefully and feel free to discuss and give me your opinion on the matter. Thanks!

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Eric Francisco
Eric Francisco
Jun 02, 2023

We've come too far modding our Skyrim to accommodate HDT-SMP. You're already dedicating a lot of time making/updating the mods and have greatly improved thanks to it.


May 28, 2023

do only HDT-SMP and let other people send you their static files to upload it too(if anyone is interested)


J Matrix
J Matrix
Apr 18, 2023

I have been following your work for a long long time and I think you're doing the Best path to get everyone happy. I believe you need not rush your work just to have something out there for the community, though I commend you commitment. Even I have been making adjustments and clean-ups to author's work for my own play. And I have been learning some of this from you, ..and YouTube, of course, But there are so many different body type variations of which some players alter maybe changing weight, size, bones, etc. How you keep up with it is probably a big job. So, my two cents is, slow down, evaluate the best way to modify and…


christopher mills
christopher mills
Apr 17, 2023

Keep supporting the static version, if only for those who refuse to use hdt smp and not to mention some mods wont work as hdt smp and some wont ever work as static either.


Moe Sause
Moe Sause
Apr 16, 2023

i chose to only support hdt just cause you confirmed its gotten to a point where its much faster work. i play so many games that dont have physics or the the cloth movement is purely in the characters animation as its not a customizable character so something like this doesnt bother me, but if the outfit provides the ease to be smp'ed then why not?

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