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Hutao Race SE

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Download: Patreon (it's free)

Another race mod from my good friend Beofuled!

Credit: Beofuled_0000 for the original creation of the mod! Beofuled created 100% of the mod. He also provided all the screenshots. I am just using my website to help spread this mod!

A custom race that lets you be Hutao from Genshin Impact! Works with either ECE or RaceMenu. Works with facial expression using custom tris.




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Golden Grainnz
Golden Grainnz
23 juil. 2022

just need to make all of this custom races into followers with voicelines from the original game like Paimon, and done, genshin in skyrim lol


At this rate skyrim will become Genshin

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