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Jinhua Cat

Jinhua Cat Outfit! An outfit perfect for mages. Comes with high quality textures and there is even an optional SMP version included in the download! Remember, only for the new CBBE SE. Download: Jinhua Cat for Special Edition



BodySlide: Please build the outfits under the name Jinhua Cat. From here you can choose whether to build the SMP or the non-SMP version.

Obtain: When you load into your game, a prompt menu will pop-up asking if you want to receive the outfits. Otherwise you need to use AddItemMenu2.

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I've downloaded the mod, but I noticed that in Body Slide Studio, the breasts of the SMP version do not fit the outfit, leaving a big gap with larger breast sizes. But this isn't present in the non-SMP version. Could this be fixed?

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