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Kimono SMP

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Download: Kimono SMP for Special Edition Credit: Original creator ???. But also credit to mod author Xing for fixing PE bones to SMP.

Note 1: The outfit supports ONLY supports HDT-SMP. Apologies in advanced as this does not look good without it.



BodySlide: Please build the outfits under the name Kimono.

Obtain: The items can be crafted in smithing using tundra cotton and a filled lesser soul gem. Each color outfit provides a different level 2 enchantment.

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23 lug 2023

Por favor coloque no Xbox 😭

Mi piace

Dark One
Dark One
27 giu 2022

Hi there, I just want to know. will you import mod for tbd?

Mi piace

Hi Sun

I love the Kmono, that being said, I have to report something:

This mod is flagged as an esl, but it hasn't being compacted properly. Hopefully you'll fix this because this might cause save corruption.


Please follow this instructions until the author fixes this.

1. Open the plugin in SSEdit and remove the ESL flag.

2. Close SSEdit saving changes. Open SSEdit again and select the plugin again.

3. Then right click on the plugin and select "Compact formIDs for ESL".

4. Return the ESL Flag to the plugin.

5. Close SSEdit saving the changes in the plugin.

If everything is okay, SSEdit will close normally. This will prevent future problems with your game.

Sorry for…

Mi piace

Is there a reason this download no longer works and cant be found anywhere on the net? Strangest thing ever, cant even find a copy of it on a random google drive!

Mi piace

Dimitri Noir
Dimitri Noir
25 ago 2020

Hi Sun, Will you be updating the Kimono with Xings release of the kimono?

Mi piace
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