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[NINI] Cat Maid

Updated: Feb 17, 2023


Update September 16, 2022:

- Increased poly for top of slutty version for all bodies

- Improved manual slider edits

- Modified foot step sounds of shoes from HeavyArmor to DefaultSteps

- Slutty version now also uses slot 52 to prevent equipping with non-slutty skirt

Credit: Ninirim for the LE version. Screenshot credits to @Axunzzz and @Unknowns_User/Hirosin.

A modular cait maid outfit! What else is there to say? Comes with NEW SMP for items that need it.


1. Meshes are made higher poly where needed

2. Supports latest CBBE, CBBE 3BAv2, BHUNPv3

3. Removes redundant FORMIDs

4. Uniboob physics and manual slider edits. Plugins are now ESL This armor supports the normal CBBE physics by Ousnius, CBBE 3BAv2 by Acro, and BHUNP by bakafactory. Please choose your options in the fomod installer.


Choose One Body: CBBE

BodySlide: Please build the outfit under the name "[NINI] Cat Mais".

Obtain: Craft in smithing bench with tundra cotton. Or use AddItemMenu2.

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Andy Mejia
Andy Mejia
02 ago 2023

what hair mod is the white hair girl using ?

Me gusta

The body slot values in the ESP for the skirt are incorrect. The skirt NIF correctly uses slot 49 (pelvis primary/outer), but the ESP ARMA and ARMO records use 52 (pelvis secondary/under). As a result, the skirt is not rendered. The ESP slots should be changed to match the mesh.

Also, the 'slutty' apron claims slot 52 in the ESP, presumably to force the skirt to be unequipped when the apron is equipped. If that is the desired effect, the apron will also need to be changed to claim 49 instead of 52.

Neither piece should claim slot 52; this will allow a panty/thong to be worn with either one.

Me gusta

Lee Watson
Lee Watson
10 mar 2023

Thanks for the mod.

Me gusta

号 句
号 句
01 mar 2023

Thanks for all your hard work. But I met the same problem as ”gaea456“ . The lower don't appear.Any idea please and thank you.

Me gusta

07 ene 2023

Didn't realize until now that the gloves have a wrist seam(?) to it. This is in the 3BAv2 version.

Me gusta
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