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[NINI] Cristal See-Through

Updated: Oct 26, 2022


Update October 26, 2022:

- Fixed invisible hands for BHUNP ONLY. Other bodies were not affected. Update October 23, 2022: - Attempted to fix clipping on the SMP skirt for all bodies. Minor adjustments to bodyslide files and increasing margins in the XML.

Credit: Ninirim for the LE version. SunJeong for the modernized port and screenshots. Axuunzzz for screenshots. This armor supports the normal CBBE physics by Ousnius, CBBE 3BAv2 by Acro, and BHUNP by bakafactory. Please choose your options in the fomod installer.


Requirements: Bodyslide and Outfit Studio XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition


Choose One Body: CBBE


BodySlide: Please build the outfit under the name "[NINI] Cristal See-Through".

Obtain: Craft in smithing bench using gold ingots and tundra cottons. Armor is classified is clothing with zero stats. Use AddItemMenu2 as an alternative way to get the outfits.

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