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[NINI] Gotha Rensa


Update 2/24/2023: - Complete re-did the helmets from OBJ. It should be super clean without issues causing crashing. All body types were updated for the helmet. Specific changes: a. Exported clean meshes without skinning or BSLighting data by doing OBJ

b. Made the hair tint color #ffffff

c. Made all partitions slots 31

d. Slight adjustments to sliders by using unicurtain instead of uniboob

Update 2/22/2023: - Removed 32 unreferenced nodes from helmet. This MIGHT be causing the crash for some users. Full issue not yet known. If you're not crashing, then don't need to re-download.

Credit: Ninirim for the LE version. Credit to SunJeong for conversion. Axunzzz for the screenshots.

This outfit underwent HUGE updates. Converted from heavy armor to light armor. Balanced stats and actual crafting recipes this time. Extra textures are done via texture sets and not separate projects (saves A TON of drive space). Added NEW HDT-SMP to the skirt.


Requirements: Bodyslide and Outfit Studio XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition


Choose One Body: CBBE


BodySlide: Please build the outfit under the name "[NINI] Gotha Rensa".

Obtain: Craft in smithing bench with tundra cottons and gold ingots. Armor is classified as light armor. Or use AddItemMenu2.

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