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Some life updates and stuff

Hey everyone!

I really should have written something like this a while back! You'll find out why in a bit... If you don't want to read all this, scroll down below the line for a summar.

First some life updates:

I got a new job! I finished and left my previous job in the last week of July. My new job had a start date of August 21 (which we has passed). This new job entails much greater responsibilities at the corporate level of a biotech company. I won't get much into it.

So why does this matter? Well that's because it led up to me having a 4-ish week vacation. I decided to do a lot of traveling out of my state. I'm currently not home at my PC so that will explain the relatively lack of modding. I haven't been looking at new mail/commission submissions as well so I really do apologize for that. I will try to make some time to reply back to some of you guys sending me messages.

I expect to return September 3! After that things should mostly get back to normal but keep in mind that I'm still in training phases of my new job and I'm unsure how heavy the workload will be! But that brings me to my next point: modding

Lastly, some modding updates:

Alright! So when I return I already have planned out what I'll be doing! Of course I went to get through modding requests first and foremost. After that, depending on how long it took my I may do three things:

  1. Continue Ninirim armors for the pack

  2. Play the new STARFIELD

  3. Make a mod for Starfield

September is going to be quite an interesting month with the release of Starfield. Honestly, I shouldn't get excited for potentially overhyped games but from what I'm seeing it's looking decent. I have positive outlook for the modding for it for several reasons I'll probably talk about some other day.

I may also do some kinda of spoiler free review for Starfield in the week it releases!

Lastly to end this little blog post, I have something secret planned entertainment wise for YouTube!



I got a new job. I've been on vacation for 4+ weeks traveling outside of my home. I'll reply to all inquiries/requests when I get back. I get back September 3. I plan to play and mod Starfield when it comes out. I have a secret things planned for YouTube as well.

Thank you all and stay safe.



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