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SunJeong Face Preset ECE #1

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

IT'S TIME. People have been asking me for this face preset for about a year now. I guess it's time to share her! Please read this page in its entirety. When it comes to face presets, various factors comes into play to get the character to look as close to the intended look. A character's appearance is affected by the following:

1. Character Editor, RaceMenu or Enhanced Character Edit

- I use ECE. This preset will ONLY work with ECE. 2. Body and face textures

- I use a special custom created normal map for the face. I made this normal map to be used with ThePure skin textures. - For this preset I used: ThePure diffuse maps and normals, Demoniac speculars

3. Lighting and Weather mods

- Obsidian Weathers

- Enhanced Lighting and Effects

4. ENB - I use Silent Horizons ENB for Obsidian Weathers, mostly default configuration

5. Tint Masks (make-up)

- Use a set of special make-up that was found in Naver (Korean website similar to 9damao). The make up used for this preset adds softer looking lips, Korean style eyeliner, and it replaced the forehead texture with a texture that adds bags under the eyes.

The more of the same requirements you have with me, the more accurate the preset will look out of the box. If you do not have most of these requirements, then you will of course need to edit the preset so that it looks closer to mine but with your settings and game set-up.

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO...... Face Preset Download: SunJeong Face Preset

This preset uses the slot 6 in ECE. Feel free to edit the file with a different number to replace a different slot This file must be installed in Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\CME_save Optional but recommended: SunJeong Body/Face Textures + Make-Up Tints This download contains the exact body and face textures I use as well as the Korean style make-up tints. This file can be installed via any mod manager but THIS WILL REPLACE YOUR CURRENT TEXTURES AND TINTS. You have been warned.



Enhanced Character Edit for Special Edition (install the rounder cheeks option, the 2x sliders, no sunken vampire cheeks)

Optional Installs:

SG Hairs (find in Lovers Lab)

The Eyes of Beauty

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