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Tatara Kogasa Outfit 01


Credit: ShiniNet for the original armor for MMD. This mod was a paid commission for VideoMan190. Without him this mod wouldn't be possibe.

Modular outfit balanced for gameplay. Female only support! A light armor set of clothing of Tatara Kogasa from Touhou! Comes with 2 styles of Geta each with 4 recolors. Three panty types. Armor is balanced to Leather armor. Comes with HDT-SMP physics on the skirt and the shoulders. Custom umbrella sword is included as well!


Choose One Body: CBBE

BodySlide: Please build the outfit under the name "Tatara Kogasa 01".

Obtain: Craft in leather tanning rack with tundra cottons and leathers. Item is balanced to the leather armor with 1 extra defense on all parts.

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