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[Vote] BHUNPv3 or BHUNPv4?

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Alright so BHUNP has received another update that adds new sliders as is now dubbed as BHUNPv4. Should I go ahead and start doing BHUNPv4? I'm currently still on BHUNPv3, version 3.17 to be exact. This is the update before the 7B full body sliders were removed. I'm using polls to decide.

Keep in mind that if I transition to BHUNPv4, users who are still on version 3.17 (v3) will no longer be able to use v4 outfits because of the removal of some sliders. On the other hand, if I stay on v3, then v4 users won't see all their sliders and changes appear on my outfits that are still on v3.

Choose wisely.


  • Stay on BHUNPv3 (3.17)

  • Move to BHUNPv4 (3.30)

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