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Yuna Wedding Dress

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

A wedding dress worn by High Summoner Yuna in Final Fantasy X! This wedding dress is perfect for those elegant shots meant to capture the sophisticated beauty of your female dragon born. The armor is classified as light armor.

Note 1: The outfit supports ONLY supports HDT-SMP. Apologies in advanced as this does not look good without it. Note 2: This mod is ESPFE flagged. Supports default sound and Heels Sound. Use the fomod installer.



BodySlide: Please build the outfits under the name Yuna Wedding.

Obtain: The items can be crafted in smithing using tundra cottons. There are no perk requirements.

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Outfit Studio is complaining of Unweighted Vertices in the fir (feathers) part of the skirt... All pieces are missing a proper cubemap path which I fixed by putting textures\cubemaps\ (necklace & earrings use textures\cubemaps\ in the proper line using Nifskope. The flowers also have a flickering texture issue where the roses are supposed to be. For whatever reason, I cannot get the 3BA physics to apply to the upper chest portion of the corset in Outfit Studio despite my use of Acro's 3BA conversion tutorial. Please fix this & add proper 3BA support. Thank you.


Hi Sun

I love Yuna Wedding Dress, that being said, I have to report something:

This mod is flagged as an esl, but it hasn't being compacted properly. Hopefully you'll fix this because this might cause save corruption.


Please follow this instructions until the author fixes this.

1. Open the plugin in SSEdit and remove the ESL flag.

2. Close SSEdit saving changes. Open SSEdit again and select the plugin again.

3. Then right click on the plugin and select "Compact formIDs for ESL".

4. Return the ESL Flag to the plugin.

5. Close SSEdit saving the changes in the plugin.

If everything is okay, SSEdit will close normally. This will prevent future problems with your game.

Sorry for…

Zankyo No
Zankyo No
30 mars 2022
En réponse à

Sick man that worked like a charm, thanks for the fix guide.


hi Sunjeong, i love your work and i hope you continue doing more, but im having a trouble with this mod the flowers are constantly flashing and i dont know why this its happening, could you help me? thanks


CBBE 3BA version would be amazing...


06 sept. 2020

The dress looks beautiful on my female dragonborn, but I'm having issues wit the body part.

The breasts are in constant motion sideways, as soon as I put the dress on it starts even if I don't move.

It looks really out of place, is it supposed to do this or is one of my other mods causing issues?

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